Mirrors for your home. Large range. Chose your own taste.
Вазы Vases. Flower vases, decorative vases.
Picture framing workshop. Picture frames, subframes, framing frame on the top level. 
Antique mirror will transform any interior, will give it a charming elegance and originality. It will attract attention and set the tone for the whole interrior.
Suspension systems for paintings. To save from damage nails walls of homes, offices, museums and galleries, we offer suspension systems for hanging paintings, carpets and other items of decorative art. Suitable for classic and modern interior.

Cardboard for mat
All cardboard mat, which we support, depending on the quality and the price is divided into five categories: a first for the fifth. The first category (1) - standard mat at the lowest price, the fifth category (5) - museum quality mat at the highest price.