Крючки Toly в Самаре и Тольятти

Wall hooks "TOLY" for solid walls

Full independence from men

1) All you need is a hammer (hardened steel rods do not bend)

2) It is easy to remove if necessary (almost completely)

Suspension systems for paintings "STAS"

Floor stand for the sale of retail packages of different models of the rails for hanging and lighting pictures Multirail various accessories for these rails in blisters.


Kits include 200 cm rail specified 
model, as well as: 
1 transformer capacity of 18 W 
1 straight bracket lamps, 50 cm, chrome 
1 lamp Roiegeo1 LED 1 W 
(Consumption of 1.5 W) 
Two end caps 
One line was 'Reg! Op' with a tip Soga 150 cm 
1 hook yrreg up to 10 kg 
6 washers fastening, dowels and screws

For retail kits you can buy additional products, packaged in blisters trade: more fishing lines, ropes, hooks of different models, accessories for installation brackets for lamps, lamp, etc.