Framers forum in Moscow. September 2012


It is a place of regular meetings of the Russian participants Framing market - material and equipment manufacturers, distributors - wholesalers and framers - designers. The forum provided training programs, presentations of new products, the exchange of experience between the participants of the market.


The forum was the following:

Conference on the most important topics: the theory and practice of ornamental design, production technology baguette shop, a recent trend in the design of baguette. Advocated by authoritative experts in the field of retail baguette from the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia and the United States.


Exhibition companies - manufacturers and distributors of baguette, cardboard mats and other materials for the production of frames. The participants of the exhibition - the world's largest manufacturers of decoration materials, showcased their collection, including news of the fall season 2012.


The Forum conducts training workshops on the use of various machines and tools, as well as materials and technology baguette shop.